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A certificate for a fully immersive VR adventure IN THE HEART OF DUBAI
For loved ones
Unusual adventures, bright emotions, and unconventional situations are a great way to bring people closer who can't imagine life without each other
For friends
This will be a gift not only for the friend, but also for yourself (as you'll definitely be invited along). The certificate will be a good way to diversify the usual get-togethers with friends
For colleagues
Picking a gift for a colleague can sometimes be the hardest thing, because you don't always know their preferences. ANVIO gift certificate solves this problem! With a wide selection of games, the guest of honor will easily find entertainment to their taste.
Who is the ANVIO gift certificate for?
This experience is universal for all ages and genders
Move freely around the gaming area without wires
Don't just stand there, truly move like a movie participant, shoot monsters and scream as you run away from them
A 1076 feet² location for free movement
Full immersion into virtual reality with freedom of movement, within a couple of minutes you'll forget you're in a game and become fully immersed in the action
Our own game development studio
All games are created by our game designers and cannot be played anywhere else besides ANVIO
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